The Unity way!

It has been long since my last post, but I must say, I have been pretty busy in real life and also in my digital one. Well, in december I had a lille baby girl who now is almost 4 months old, and having it awesome with mom and dad learning a bunch of tings everyday. I’m enjoying seen her grow!

I have tried a few games, Theif 4 which ended up been pretty sad, I still Thief 3 is way better than the new one. I found out that I had a Diablo 3 around that I haven’t tried and I ende up playing that for a while, and I actually enjoyed, but hack n slash games are a bit monotonous, so I got bored and started learning Unity 3D.

At the moment I have started my own project, on creating a little environment walktrough, it is not going to be a game but, maybe I end up making a story and who knows, maybe a full blown adventure game 😀