The Unity way!

It has been long since my last post, but I must say, I have been pretty busy in real life and also in my digital one. Well, in december I had a lille baby girl who now is almost 4 months old, and having it awesome with mom and dad learning a bunch of tings everyday. I’m enjoying seen her grow!

I have tried a few games, Theif 4 which ended up been pretty sad, I still Thief 3 is way better than the new one. I found out that I had a Diablo 3 around that I haven’t tried and I ende up playing that for a while, and I actually enjoyed, but hack n slash games are a bit monotonous, so I got bored and started learning Unity 3D.

At the moment I have started my own project, on creating a little environment walktrough, it is not going to be a game but, maybe I end up making a story and who knows, maybe a full blown adventure game 😀

Flat Design vs Realism Website

This is an old one but a goodie!  This scroll designed website shows how the web/ UI changed it’s language from “realistic” (even thought I would called glossy instead) to “flat”. The website is quite impressive. Just follow this link to see it 🙂
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Facebook will lose 80% of users by 2017

I know the title sounds a bit harsh for some, but that’s what the research from Princeton University in the US has found out by following the currents trends and following the forecasts. We can go into many extra details about tendencies and macrotrends that will still tell us that socialnetworks have an expiration date, but in my opinion, 2017 is way sooner than what I thought it would be, it all actually depends on how will facebook evolve in time.

You can read more in the guardian by clicking this link