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I have been working at LEGO again. I know, I know. I worked there for little over a year, this time at their core (I did learn something there, but nothing good in my honest opinion), but now I’m free “on the market”.  For now I have been having lots of thoughts on my mind in either switching careers into something completely different or continue with my own business but go full on. The danish system requires me to seek a job twice a week, which I find a bit like asking an elephant to climb a tree so let’s see what happens.

Facebook will lose 80% of users by 2017

I know the title sounds a bit harsh for some, but that’s what the research from Princeton University in the US has found out by following the currents trends and following the forecasts. We can go into many extra details about tendencies and macrotrends that will still tell us that socialnetworks have an expiration date, but in my opinion, 2017 is way sooner than what I thought it would be, it all actually depends on how will facebook evolve in time.

You can read more in the guardian by clicking this link