The Unity way!

It has been long since my last post, but I must say, I have been pretty busy in real life and also in my digital one. Well, in december I had a lille baby girl who now is almost 4 months old, and having it awesome with mom and dad learning a bunch of tings everyday. I’m enjoying seen her grow!

I have tried a few games, Theif 4 which ended up been pretty sad, I still Thief 3 is way better than the new one. I found out that I had a Diablo 3 around that I haven’t tried and I ende up playing that for a while, and I actually enjoyed, but hack n slash games are a bit monotonous, so I got bored and started learning Unity 3D.

At the moment I have started my own project, on creating a little environment walktrough, it is not going to be a game but, maybe I end up making a story and who knows, maybe a full blown adventure game 😀

Godot an Open Source engine

Okam Studio’s 2013 games reel. The Argentinian developer has just released Godot, its in-house engine, which it describes as having a feature set “similar to Unity”, under an open-source MIT licence.

Argentinian developer Okam Studio has released Godot, its in-house game engine, as open source. Developed for over a decade, the engine has been used in production on PC, mobile and console titles.

According to the company’s post on gamedev.net, the engine is “feature complete and fully usable” and “has a similar feature set to Unity” with a “little less stuff on 3D front, much more stuff on the 2D front”.

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Frostburgh Campaign

I have added one of my old LEGO Universe campaigns which I had totally forgot. I found it while checking my backup hard-drive the other day.

I remember how it was while producing the web campaign. It was a great but way busy time. The idea was that the development team created at new zone, a winterly like without the use the standard names or anything religious. So we came up with Frostivus Festival in the zone of Frostburg.
For the marketing campaign, they team wanted something edgy and not very christmas like. With no time in my hands I created the concept and the graphics for the campaign which was launched the moment I managed to finish.

Check it out

Targete Interview from CGchannel

Jean Pierre Targete is an amazing artist which I think has a really raw look in the art he makes. He is right now at Epic Games working as a concept artist. This is the best interview they have done of Targete with links to most of his Tutorials if anyone wants to check it out!

Click here to go to the interview at CGchannel

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